Saturday, June 14, 2008

More of this diary.

It's Saturday, and this week went by too quickly. I'm not sure what I accomplished. A few drawings? I got a new grill, because I want to stand outside in an apron and cook meat. It was delivered yesterday, but all I did was place the propane tank inside and look at it. I'll try figure it out later.

But that's what life seems to be. Meeting deadlines when possible, making appointments and keeping them, the family wanting and needing things and buying them, spending as much quality time with Sharis and Hunter as I can, and trying to stay imaginative. It's all going very fast, and I can't be the only one who notices. I got some news about a friend's failing health, and it's worried me a little, because it is true: We only get a short amount of time here on Earth, and it's very precious. Things need to be accomplished, people need to know you love them, and life needs to be lived to the greatest possible result. Oh wait... Sharis just asked me to help bring her a ladder. I'll be back in a sec...

...Done. She's replacing the wooden fan blades in the living room with white ones.

Anyhow, I'm trying to do that. Sharis and I had a long talk about what marriage is supposed to be. We're getting along very well, especially lately, and I think I've learned a few things. Because our time together is ultimately very short, we should both be concerned with making the lives of the people we love as wonderful as possible. To criticize less, to help fulfill more dreams, to try to be a happy, encouraging and positive force in each other's lives. She wants to be a cowgirl, it turns out. She wants to break horses, ride them, wear a cowboy hat. This is not what I want to do, at all. But it makes her so happy, and it's not such a big chore to come to the barn and hang out now and then, and try to learn as much about it as I can. I'm trying to be less self-centered, and it's so hard because I am so awesome, but I'm trying.

Speaking of awesome, Hunter graduated the third grade on the A/B honor roll, and was awarded the Bob Farr Hope Award. (I'm not sure what that is. I thought it was about Bob Hope, but "Farr" wasn't Bob Hope's middle name.) It came with a medal and a certificate, which he wore all day. He's an outstanding kid, what can I tell you? He was hoping to also win the Excellence in Mathematics Award, but was edged out by ONE kid. We'll get 'em next year.

He's thriving here in Charlotte. The block is full of kids his own age, and they all cruise up and down the sidewalks on these little motor scooters. I think he's a natural leader, which is another thing he got from his mother. That and a talent and interest in math. I wasn't a leader, nor was I very good at math. But I'm proud of him. He gives me a lot to be proud of.

Tomorrow is church, and we're going to try to go. I haven't been in a few months, and it's painful. I need to take the sacrement! And people are kind to me there. They have mercy on my poor rotten soul, which I appreciate immensely. I haven't been going because it's convention season, and I'm away on weekends. The bishop advised that I find a church building in each city I visit, and that sounded good when he said it. Practically, however, every hour of my convention weekend is accounted for, with 4 hours per night allowed for sleep. There isn't time, there isn't a way. I could have gone last week, because I was home, but I slept through it. I can see the disappointment on the faces of my LDS neighbors when I, a pillar of the community, do not attend regularly. I will fix that tomorrow.

I hope everyone's well! I must draw Batman sitting on a chair in the batcave now.

Truly yours,
Ethan VS


Jenna Consolo said...

Ethan! I love the way you write on your blog. Very honest and refreshing, and even some humility in your old age. ;) I actually really admire your marriage, because the two of you are so different and yet you find a way to really cheer each other on and support each other. You're a great model for me in that. Sometimes I am guilty of thinking that my way is so great, everyone else's life would be better if they'd just adopt it. I'm trying to learn too.

Hey, a guy in my ward just got his mission call to Charlotte, NC! He's a fantastic kid from a fantastic family. I taught him in Sunday School, and his younger brother is a good friend of Lyndsay and Dylan's. He's reporting to the MTC in late August, but I'd sure love it if I could give him your address. Not to "work on you", but just so someone I know here could see you and I could feel a small connection with you across the miles. Would that be okay?

Hey, Happy Father's Day, bro. I love you.

Josiah said...

Maybe you didn't notice at the time, or maybe you don't remember now, but I think you might be selling yourself short on the leadership quality.
Actually, I think you and I both approached a lot of things with sort of a "Beta-Male" attitude, if there is such a thing. Neither of us goes into situations looking to be a leader, but we have no problem with stepping into leadership when it is needed.