Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Last Time on "No Superheroes To See Here..."

Everyone must be deeply concerned about the state of Hunter's motorbike, since I left you all in suspense about the possible outcomes last time I wrote. Well, fear not, the Tractor Supply Warehouse he bought the thing from was happy to replace it with a slightly updated, candy-apple red painted one. His first one was defective, that's all. He's been cruising around the neighborhood ever since. And I know he's having a good time, because we communicate through Walkie Talkies while I'm working, and yesterday he put the thing in his pocket in such a way as to depress the "Transmit" button non-stop, and I could hear him going "Woooooooooooooooooooo!" over the sound of his engine throttling.

Hunter just walked in to show me that he's outside melting his Communist Red Army men with a magnifying glass.

So what am I up to? Where do my current interests lie? I think I'll actually type out the stuff that is truly on my mind. It might alarm everyone, including me.

I Tivo "What's My Line" every day and watch them all in a bunch at the end of the week. The Game Show Network, for which I pay extra for this very reason, reruns this classic show in order of original broadcast at 3 AM. It was a weekly show, so I expect to get through the entire decade of the 1950's by the end of the year. Anyhow, what's great is that this morning's episode was from February 21st of 1956, and Fred Allen, (a regular panelist) died suddenly on March 16th. He looks fine at the moment, but in four days of rerun time....Fred Allen dies. I hope it still takes me by surprise.
Robert Taylor was the celebrity guest this morning. He was a strange looking man with a severe part in his hair. I've never seen any of his movies. I think he might have been a dangerous man in his personal life.

I'm collecting trading cards. I don't usually collect anything but DVDs, however, I like the X-Files, and while at San Diego Comic Con this year I bought a box of "X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE" cards. Just for the heck of it. Well, now I'm hooked. Each box comes with 24 packs, which contain 7 cards. Obviously, you get the whole base card set fairly quickly. But then there are CHASE CARDS! For each box, you get one autographed card (there are 9 cast member auto cards) and one "pieceworks" card. These are scraps of original wardrobe, pasted to a trading card. I've bought 5 boxes so far, and still don't have Scully or Mulder's autograph. But I do have two pieces of Mulder's jacket. I'm concerned that I find these missing cards. Very concerned.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I really haven't thought much about it. Sharis reminded me by setting up an elaborate gift for me that she's been working on for a month. I know what it is, because it's in our living room, difficult not to notice, and it's totally awesome. I think she talked about it in her blog, which is also available here on Google whatever the heck. She asked what kind of cake I wanted, and I didn't have an answer. Just cake, really. If it looks like a frog, that's fine, but I'm really not very particular about cake anymore. It's there for me to consume.

Also on my mind, 3 weeks from now I get an offer on paper about my future in this business I am in...must be vague about that. And I am actively working on FLASH.

Sharis got me all of these books about writing from the library. I'm reading a Syd Fields book about screenplay writing, but this is his second book. The first book he wrote was about structuring a screenplay, this one is about identifying problems with your screenplay. I'm reading the one about problems first, I guess, because the library didn't have the first one, which is widely considered to be indispensable to the writing trade. It's also responsible for a lot of cookie cutter screenplays that become awful Hollywood movies, but that doesn't have to be true in MY case, does it? Or does it? I would just like to learn and understand story structure better. It's worth pursuing.

Anyhow, I'm running out to run errands! Must go!